Execute your internet browser and enter the path or link provided by your system administrator to display the COPLINK® Mobile logon screen. Personnel are assigned a user name and a password to log on. A user name is assigned a status of active or suspended.


  1. Enter your agency choice from the agency list.
  2. Enter assigned security information including your user name and your password. User name is not case-sensitive. Password is case-sensitive.
  3. Tap Login.
  4. Tap appropriate boxes on the challenge form, which is specific to your jurisdiction.
  5. Tap OK to complete the login process. If the logon is successful, the main menu is displayed. Alternately tap Reset to clear the logon window.

What to do next

What happens if my login is successful?

  • Displays the main program interface, or click Cancel to terminate the Login window.

What should you do if my login is not successful?

  • After three unsuccessful attempts to Re-try Logging In with a particular User Name and Password, for security purposes, COPLINK administrative functionality suspends this User Name from further use and terminates activity. Contact your system administrator to reactivate your User Name.

What should you do if you currently have a session open but are not able to use it.

  • Two simultaneous COPLINK sessions using the same User Name are not allowed. Terminate the session and restart the login process.
  • When your session times out and you attempt further activity, you are returned to the login screen to provide you with the option to log in again.