Use this information to login to the Detect module.

About this task

After COPLINK® is installed on your machine, a shortcut icon is displayed on your desktop. Keep in mind that COPLINK is displayed in a web browser.


  1. Double-click the COPLINK icon to login and access the program interface. The COPLINK Login screen is displayed. Personnel are assigned an Agency Name, User Name, and Password to logon.
  2. Enter your Agency Name choice from the pulldown list.
  3. Enter assigned security information including your User Name and your Password. User Name is not case-sensitive. Password is case-sensitive.
  4. Click Login. The COPLINK interface is displayed. Alternately, click Forgot Password? if you are having trouble remembering this information. An email is forwarded to you to reset your password.

    Login screen


The COPLINK interface is displayed. By default the Detect module is displayed allowing you to immediately enter Person Search Form information into a range of query fields.

What to do next

What should I do if my login is not successful?

  • After three unsuccessful attempts to Re-try Logging In with a particular User Name and Password, for security purposes, COPLINK administrative functionality suspends your User Name from further use and terminates activity. Contact your system administrator to reactivate your User Name.

What should I do if I currently have a session open but am not able to use it.

  • Two simultaneous COPLINK sessions using the same User Name are not allowed. Terminate the session and restart the login process.

What about the Set Reason window?

The Set reason window is displayed the first time that you initiate a search in your current session. Enter your reason and select an available Use Code for the task that you are addressing in COPLINK. The following Use Codes are considered acceptable when you search N-DEx:
  • Administrative Use Code A - Must be used when N-DEx is utilized by a record-owning agency or submitter/aggregator to retrieve and display N-DEx contributed records in association with performing the agency data administration/management duty. Responses for this purpose shall not be disseminated for any other reason and are limited to the record-owning agency portion of N-DEx records.
  • Criminal Justice Use Code C - Must be used when N-DEx is utilized for official duties in connection with the administration of criminal justice as the term is defined in 28 Code of Federal Regulations CFR 20.3 2011.
  • Criminal Justice Employment Use Code J - Must be used when N-DEx is utilized to conduct criminal justice employment background checks.