Functional Overview

Detect gives a user maximum flexibility in conducting association queries. Detect has two association searches.

Picking your search form

A listing of databases available for use in your jurisdiction is located in the Search Nodes pull down. Choose from search form categories including person, vehicle, location, organization firearm, property, security, phone, events, or documents. You can conduct searches using wildcard, soundex, diminutive, or metaphone match capabilities. Detect also shows a history of searches already performed that can be saved to case folders for use at a later time.

Summarizing search results

A range of summarized information is displayed based on a search form query. You can sort a Results Page by column, print the table, or click a linked entry to display further detail. Icon columns queue on specific information such as:

  • Warrant information
  • Gang indicator
  • Caution flag
  • Pawn-related activities
  • Number of documents associated with search
  • Mug shot is cursor activated if available

Basic Search shows Associations Page

The Basic Search can produce an Associations Page. Results are displayed in order of most highly associated.

Refined Search closes the gap

The Refined Search limits a search to produce a smaller associations table. Specific objects from a Basic Search can be added to the Refined Search to further locate suspects.

Details Page provides strong leads

A Details Page shows an organized listing of all information available on a suspect by several different categories.